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Inland and port ship tonnage

With an inland and port ship tonnage of around 60,000 tons, Carl Robert Eckelmann Transport u. Logistik GmbH is a leading service provider in water-side transport in northern Germany. Our ship park consists of push boats, tugs, tankers, tank barges and a fleet of more than 100 dry barges in sizes from 400 t to 1600 t per unit and barges with tonnage capacities from 150 t to 210 t.


  • long and short term rental of Barges, barges and tugs (Europe-wide)

Special transports

  • General cargo with oversize and heavy goods loading


  • Ice breaking in the entire port of Hamburg


The fleet of CRE Tansport und Logistik GmbH, consisting of around 100 vehicles, offers optimal conditions for responding to a wide variety of inquiries and requests. The following is a list of the most diverse vehicles with technical equipment:


  • Tow tugs, tugs and towbars


  • 200t, capped with wooden floor
  • 200t covered with steel base
  • 500t covered with steel base
  • 500t capped with wooden floor
  • 500t open with steel bottom

Barges up to 76m in length and 11.4m in width

  • 1000t - 1300t capped
  • 1000t - 1300t open
  • 1300t - 2300t capped
  • 1300t - 2300t open
    (all lighter with steel floor)


  • 500t - 1300t Loading capacity


  • Repair for all kinds

Vehicle requests

We are looking for used watercraft such as self-propelled inland tankers with a double hull and a maximum load of 800 tons and a maximum age of 15 years.